More on leakage from a drinking water dispenser

The most common reason that the water from the dispatcher flows onto the floor is a low-quality bottle.

The leakage occurs inside the device, and from the side, it seems that the water is running, from somewhere below.
  • How to avoid the problem
  • 1) Order the water, Before it ended in the cooler, let the bottle stand for a while. If there is moisture in the place where the bottle is standing, do not use such a bottle, ask him to replace it.
  • 2) Inspect the container carefully before installation, it should be free from scratches, Cracks and at best packed in a protective film.
  • Even a microscopic crack can spoil you not only the mood, but also the havings.
  • To sum up: if you have a" ran cooler ", do not be lazy to look under the cover, this can save you a lot of money.

    (It's enough to remove the bottle receiver, it is not bolted on many models, and it can be removed without difficulty.) Look at the water level in the bowl, ideally the water should reach the level

    The neck of the installed bottle, if the water is more than this level, and after the removal of the water bottle, the leak stops, then you got the defective container, you just need to replace the bottle. It should be replaced free of charge.

    If the water in the bowl is small, and after the bottle is removed the water continues to flow: this is another story, you need to look for the cause of the breakdown, Or invite the master.

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  • Installing a water dispenser

    If you install a cooler, you must

    Inspect the device for no external damage on delivery, check drain plugs, (presence of plugs themselves, tightness of threaded connections)

    Install the bottle (after removing the protective sticker from the neck), open the faucets, allow the water to escape until a uniform stream is formed, so that water pushes out all the air in the tanks and only then turn the device on.

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