Installing a water dispenser

If you install a cooler, you must

Inspect the device for no external damage on delivery, check drain plugs, (presence of plugs themselves, tightness of threaded connections)

Install the bottle (after removing the protective sticker from the neck), open the faucets, allow the water to escape until a uniform stream is formed, so that water pushes out all the air in the tanks and only then turn the device on.

It is not recommended to install the cooler near heat sources, and lean it against the wall with a back cover: this will prevent heat exchange and the device will be more than it should work, which will lead to rapid wear.

Do not install in the sun. Direct sunlight does not work in the best way either on the plastic from which the body is made or on the water in the bottle (it can turn green)

To avoid electric shock, install the unit so that the water suddenly flows out onto the floor, does not fall under your feet when you try to take the case of the included device, (This is already an entirely unexpected event.)

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